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Universal Process Indicator

Input :
Universal [All type of thermocouple and PT100‚ Cu50 (RTD)‚ linear voltage‚ linear current‚ MV‚ 2 wire transmitter input],AC current (0 5 amp.), AC voltage (0 500 volt),Alarm: High‚ low‚ second high and second low (Selectable)
Communication :
RS 485‚ RS 232 (Plug in type modules)
Re transmission O/P :
Linear current or voltage, Power supply: SMPS 100~240VAC‚ 50 Hz,
Accuracy :
0.3%FS± 1 unit
Display resolution :
0.001° C (Selectable),
Other features :
Over range and sensor fail output off‚ input offset, Operating ambient: Temp.: 10°C~60°C‚ humidity : <90%RH

All Process Indicating systems, Heat treatment Furnace , Oven, Cooling Chamber , molding , packing machine , AC , refrigerator , clean Room environment , online pressure , humidity etc …

48VAC/24VDC supply, control/Alarm output, Dual Display, Jumbo Display, with Flame Proof RTDs , Thermocouples, Transmitters, universal Power supply , Wire Gland, Space mounting, Retransmission output 4-20mA and loop powered indicator etc…

Size (W x H x D): 48 x 48 x 95 (D2 size)‚ 72 x 72 x 95 (D size), 48 X 96 X 95 (E size), 96 X 48 X 95 (F size), 96 x 96 x 100 (A size), E5 (DIN rail mounting)