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Universal Dual Display Temperature Controller

TUDTC Series Input RTD, Thermocouple(J/K) selectable, RTD/ -50.0 to 400.0 º C, J/ 0-600 º C, K/ 0-1250 º C Control mode on/off and Time proportional, Hysteresis, Time, Proportional , Offset Selectable , Dual Display ( PV/SV) with Dual Relay Output, Control set Point can be set feather touch keys,

Power supply :
230 VAC mains operated
Control mode :
Heat/Cool/High& Low Alarm

All temperature Indicating and Controlling systems, Heat treatment Furnace , Oven, Cooling Chamber , molding , packing machine , AC , refrigerator , Room environment etc …

110VAC supply, 20A relay, Single Display, Relay/SSR, with RTDs, Thermocouples, Enclosure , universal Power supply , metal case , wall mounting and control panel

Size available 96X96mm