RTD sensor,Flame Proof RTD sensor with Indicator,High temperature Thermocouple with Head,Wire Type and MI Thermocouple with connector,Portable MI Thermocouple /Leaf type with Handle,Thermocouple/ RTD  Cables,Connector for Thermocouple/ RTD,SS Thermo well


Customized RTD sensor Water Proof Head with IP 65/67 standard SS Tube with cast Aluminum Head SS304-Normal,SS316 –chemical Application Simplex/duplex element Pt 100/500/1000 Optional Process Connection NPT/BSP Temperature Range -200 to 600 º C Temperature Transmitter output 4 -20mA optional Size available customized Length/Dia/Process connection

All Process Indicating systems, Heat treatment Furnace , Oven, Cooling Chamber , molding , packing machine , AC , refrigerator , clean Room environment , online pressure , humidity etc

Flame Proof Indicator, controller/Alarm output, Single Display, Jumbo Display, Transmitters, Cable Process Connection (M8,¼ , ½ , ¾ , 1 “NPT/BSP), Male/Female, Transmitter output 4-20mA and loop powered indicator etc…