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Portable Thermal Imager

The PTI-160 series are easy-to-use thermographic cameras which offer an optimal price/performance ratio. Equipped with an integrated high-performance UFPA detector, these cameras are quickly ready for use and deliver sharp, accurate thermal images for on-site problem analysis.

PTI-160 cameras are unique measuring instruments and feature automatic hotspot detection, up to 4 moving measurement points, a discernable acoustic alarm signal, an integrated laser pointer and close focusing distance from 0.1m to infinity.

These fully-radiometric camera systems provide precise temperature measurements, optionally up to 1500°C. In addition, the cameras provide a good spatial resolution of 2.2 mrad and a high temperature sensitivity of 0.1°C.

The PTI-160 Series are compact, light weight, and durable. Offering battery operational time of up to 21⁄2 hours and with high capacity image storage of up to 1,000 thermal images, the PTI-160 provides comfortable one handed operation for fatigueless on-site utilization even over longer periods of time.

All interfaces are situated centrally and well protected in the base of the robust housing in compliance with IP 54 standard.