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Portable RTD Thermometer

C370 is most Accurate Digital Thermometer with the Accuracy of 0.1°C and resolution of 0.01°C, it will fulfill the most critical measuring requirement. The unit is equipped with stand and large backlight LCD that makes this unit perfect to setup a test station on the site.

Numerical Display : 5 Digital Liquid Crystal Display
Measurement Range : -100 ºC ~ 400 ºC ; -148 ºF ~ 752 ºF
Accuracy : ± ( 0.05% reading + 0.1 ºC) ; ± (0.05% reading + 0.2ºF)
Resolution : 0.01 ºC, 0.02 ºF

All Temperature Indicating systems, Heat treatment Furnace , Oven, Cooling Chamber , molding , packing machine , AC , refrigerator , clean Room Temperature , use master calibration Indicator etc …