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Portable Humidity Temperature Meter

Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew/frost point
Instrument Operating Range : 0...100%rh / -10...60°C
Measurement Range : 0...100%rh / -100...200°C (Probe - Dependent)
Saves up to 2,000 measurement pairs Very Fast response time thanks to new HygroMer M1R Sensor t63 < 3 s Adjustment profile Factory certificate Adjusted at 23°C and 10,35,80%rh Mini USB Interface for connection to PC Accuracy : ±1%rh / ±0.2 K, supply :9 V Battery (Rechargeable Option)

HVAC & Building Measuring Systems, Food Stores, Health Inspection Agencies, Warehouse Mapping, Paper, Textile and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

with High Temperature Probe , Rechargeable Battery Data Recording up to 16000 Pairs with Data, Time, Batch No. and User ID No, Software ROTRONIC HW4 ,RTC & Remote