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Master Portable Thermometer

TDPI Series Digital Temperature Indicator Micro-controller based, micro-power, precision general purpose thermometer designed for used with type J, K, T, R, S, & RTD – PT100 sensors, Accuracy : 0.1 % of FS .

Display: 5 DGT 15 mm high LCD
Resolution: 0.1oC
Input: J, K, T, R, S, PT100,CJ Compensation: Automatic of 1oC Accuracy
Effect of Lead Wire: RTD - 1oC for 10% of nominal resistance per lead of 3 wire RTD's T/C's - 1oC for T/C lead wire resistance of 100 Ohm.
Power supply:6 VDC (1.5 V X 4 No Alkaline)
Recommended DURACELL type MN1500-LR6
LOW Battery: Provided
Enclosure Size: 80 X 140 x 22 mm approx
Supplied with leather case.

All Temperature Indicating systems, Heat treatment Furnace , Oven, Cooling Chamber , molding , packing machine , AC , refrigerator , clean Room Temperature , use master calibration Indicator etc …

with Thermocouple as per Range , dual / single Input, with Digital power operated Indicator, Controller , Recorder , Leather bag , IR Thermometer and Calibration Certificate etc…