Consultant  Services on site

Maintenance Services on Site

Rasci Site services have all range of process control Instruments (Temperature, Humidity, pressure, voltage, current, flow etc) mechanical measuring instruments ( vernier caliber, measuring scale, Micrometer, height gauge etc) , thermal calibration mapping & validation At site . On site calibration process control instruments , furnace, oven Humidity and temperature chamber , clean room etc… we have high Accuracy calibrators with traceable from national standard laboratories. We provide proper calculated calibration certificate suitable for ISO 9000 And quality assurance. We maintain periodically calibration chart.

Rasci also undertaken service, AMC, consultant service and site calibration. Our technical supported with ETDC trained engineers find out solution on Technical issues related to and instruments range or products at anytime.We provide calibration instruments with national standards traceability certificate from NABL labs. An ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Certified.

All kind of Process Testing and measuring Instruments , Furnace, Oven, heat/Cool chamber, humidity chamber, pressure gauge, transmitters etc …

Service, on site calibration, mapping, thermal survey , calibration certificate with NABL, Amc and calibration Duration as per customized