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Industrial Switch Mode Power Supply

Tablet power supply is currently the most widely adopted device PMC series industrial power supply offers users DC24V (35W, 50W and 100W) and DC12V (35W、50W and 100W) models with enhanced safety, efficiency and the best power quality. Full Aluminum casing for lightweight and corrosion resistant handling Universal AC input, Overload protection, Overvoltage protection Thermal protection, Expected lifetime: 10 years international dimension and CE, UL international safety approvals.

overload protection (OLP/OCP) to prevent damages resulted from over current. When the rated current is higher than 150%, the output voltage will start to drop automatically ( Instruments Power safety Device)

Input Voltage ( single phase) , Output Voltage ( 12 VDC/24 VDC) Capacity ( 35W, 50 W,75W, 100 W,150W ) single / Dual output