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Four Channel data logger

The Model C374 Provides a simple solution for the Application of Monitoring Four Temperature sources at once. All the Temperature data are shown on the large backlit LCD simultaneously for ease of reading. Built-in data logging Function offers the user to collect Temperature data up to total 64000 records, and then download to PC for software Analysis

Features :
LCD with Backlight
4 Channel Simultaneous Display
Huge Memory of 64,000 records

Specification :
Range : -200 C ~ 1370 C
Resolution : -200 C ~ 200 C, 0.1 C 200 C ~ 1370 C, 1 C
Accuracy : 0.5% reading + 1 C
Input Protection : 60V DC or 24 Vrms AC
Operation Temp.: 0 C to 50 C
Storage Temp.: -20 C to 50 C