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Differential Pressure Gauge

Mechanical differential pressure gauge for positive, negative, and differential pressure measurement of air and compatible gases. Available pressure ranges from 0-0.25" up to 0-100" w.c. Mounts in Industry standard Holes Die cast Aluminum Housing Measure duct static pressure, room pressure fan or blower pressure, paint booths, dust collectors, and cabinet purging along with many others. Accuracy :± 2 % ,

Clean Room& HVAC , Filter Status, Duct Static Pressure, Clean Room Pressure, Building Pressure, Fan Blower Pressure, Paint Booths, Dust Collectors, Glove Box Pressure, Bubbler Systems, Laminar Flow Hoods, Cabinet Purging.

Digital LED Indicator , Controller, Recorder, Data Logger , Scanner Fittings and Use ranges from – 100 “ wc to + 100 “ wc