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CO2/RH/Temperature Indicator

pSENSE is a flexible and easy to use hand-held instrument designed to measure the CO2 concentration and temperature in surrounding air. The model is also ideal for measuring CO2 concentration in incubators, greenhous¬es, and mushroom farms etc. where correct levels are essential for the process outcome. Audible alarm, Max/Min Aver¬age as well as TWA and STEL measurements are possible. With the pSENSE data cable accessory can you simple log data for longer time. Displays TWA (8hours) STEL (15 minutes) Min, Max and average values. Displays the current carbon dioxide temperature on a large LCD

battery capacity covering more than 24 hours, also ideal for measuring carbon dioxide concentration in incubators, greenhouses, mushroom farms, etc., where correct levels are essential for the process outcome

with RH, CO2 Indicator, Large Display, Controller, Recorder, Scanner, Data logger and also available moisture in oil , Temperature , Humidity , Air flow transmitter , pressure etc…