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Air Velocity, Air flow, Diff Pressure Indicator

Measuring Air flow and air velocity Jumbo Indicator, Range -1999 to 9999 and resolution Configurable , 110/230 VAC mains power operated. Wall mountable , alarm optional. Retransmission Out put : 4-20 mA optional

Input from transmitter :
0/4-20mA, 0-10 VDC
LED size available :
1”,2”, 4”, 6” ( 4 digit)
Process offset :
-999 to 999 selectable
Available transmitter supply :
12 /24 VDC
Retransmission out put :
4 -20mA optional

building automation, pharmaceutical applications or in HVAC and clean rooms, Bio and semiconductor industries, Mass flow measurement , Air conveying System etc…

with online Transmitter, Controller, Recorder, Scanner, Data logger and also available moisture in oil , Temperature , Humidity , CO2 transmitter etc …